I met Dr. Charles McWilliams and his family in 1999 after completing the theoretical component of my studies in Natural Medicine. The institute was unlike any other school or clinic I had ever been to in my life and consisted of a blend of scientific technology with traditional Naturopathy that is unique in this field. I was impressed by Dr. Charles’ wealth of knowledge and empathic nature towards his patients. Most of the students I met at the time remarked that there was simply no other place to learn this kind of information for natural health practitioners. Dr. Charles’ has succeeded in filling the gap that exists in stressing the importance of practical hands on learning and training for natural medicine practitioners. The theoretical basis of his teachings are brought to life in the clinic providing students with the opportunity to gain a deeper and more meaningful learning experience than can be found in traditional schools. I am grateful for the experience of studying at the PanAm Institute and continue to be inspired by Dr. Charles’ dedication to the field of Natural Medicine.


Without question, Dr. Herger is Puerto Rico's most successful naturopath. Listen here...Popup Overview

I personallly believe that this is a summit piece of work by Prof. Charles McWilliams, gathering the experience shared all around the world to thousands of doctors and practitioners for more than 30 years of practice and continued education. For he or she who reads his material it is advisable to clear all doubts by attending one of the seminars of this living master that along with his wife has contributed to the changing of the medicine of the Planet.

My sincere thanks and wholehearted adherence to his labour around the World through the opportunities that the Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope and the Panamerican University of Natural Medicine provide.

My blessings

Dr Carlos Jaramillo Ponce ND, Dean-South America

Quito-Middle of the World, Ecuador, South Amerika


My Dear Doc and Fellow Caribbean Citizen
Thank you for your kind comments.  As I reflect on my journey over the years, I certainly could not leave you out.  Your excellent teaching skills and guidance were EXCELLENT preparatory tools to me in the field of medicine.  I have had training at some major university hospitals in the US, Caribbean and Europe and am faced with the same question each time..."Where did you learn this?", "How come you know so much?" etc.  I often smile in quiet reflection as I tell them about that small country called Nevis with a very unassuming professor who does not say much but is a reservoir of knowledge. 

I owe you for my carreer in Natural medicine which I have been practicing since 2003 when I finished the nutrition program in Nevis.
Since then I went to Mexico for acupuncture preparation, China for an Internship in acupuncture and must say that the organization of my work is all yours. I do electrodermal diagnose, dermaray and radio frecuency therapies and most important, you taught me to do social work which I continue as a volunteer every year in a different part of the world..Thank you Doc!
My love to you and Susan
patricia teama
Before I came to the Pan American School of Natural Medicine I was practicing clinical massage therapy, re-hab work, neuro-muscular re-education, as well as other various forms of physical medicine. Entering the educational process again was a daunting task. I, as many of my colleagues who do this as a career, am left with free time that calls for recuperation. The thought of studying was, lets say, not appetizing.  Enter the Pan American School Of Natural Medicine. The material, layout and sequencing are, after some exposure, sure to please! I find the material, which is astounding in its depth, to be accessible and highly enjoyable. I have been energized by this coursework! I love these courses because it truly unlocks the mysteries of our world. I am so grateful to Dr Charles McWilliams and the Pan American School for putting this coursework. I Highly recommend it. Thank you for all your efforts! HB, DNM

My studies with the PanAmerican School of Natural Medicine have catapulted my natural medicine education.  Being able to complete my studies online worked well for me by not having to sit in a class room for many hours each week to memorize what I was told I needed to learn.  Instead, I learned the most important aspects of clinical medicine with hands on training, giving me a huge advantage in my profession as a doctor of natural medicine and in the health of my patients.  This in depth program was superior to the school I previously attended, Clayton College of Natural Health, and afforded me to learn from the best in the field.  The clinical residency part of the training was a unique opportunity to learn first hand how to apply what I have learned to benefit patients in any setting, in the field with very little resources, or in a clinic.  Additionally, the continuing education the school offers is top-quality.  I do not know of any other school in the world that offers this much training and knowledge in natural medicine.


A great experience, long ago, but still in the present.
The combination of theory and practice in a clinic with sustain of great professionals.
Today I can help the sick and needy with Energy Medicine, Biological Therapy, Homeopathy, Nosodology, Isotherapy and Vibrational Medicine.
Thanks Doc and Susan.

Doctor of ElectroAcupuncture - 11 of June 1999
I am a proud graduate of Pan American University of Natural Medicine.Before coming to Pan American I looked at all my options with regards to natural medicine education.IBeing in the healthcare feild for many years, I was looking for something extra. I found it with PanAmerican.Much of  the material is  rare. It is a special treat to get historically significant exposure to material of this depth and quality.I really enjoy the online approach and then having time to do clinical in person and learn this most needed approach to natural medicine.

After attending the training of naturopathic doctor at PAN AMERICANUNIVERISTY under the careful guidance of Professor Charles MCWilliams, surely I have improve my   knowledge, very important to be able to do my job as naturoapta in Italy.I returned several times in subsequent years to improve my clinical understanding and I must say I was always very satisfied with level ofeducation  received . I note with great satisfaction the continued growth of this University that makes me proud to have been able to join it as a studend PanAmerican University is the best about natural medicisne and expecially is the only one that give clincal practice.
Dr. Giorgio Rossi - Italy
I use the Bio-Tron III manufactured by Dr. Charles McWilliams on the island of Nevis in the West Indies.

Dr. Charles McWilliams actually worked with Dr. Voll and revised some of his acu points and has added some of his own the  EAC.

Dr. McWilliams is the grand master of the Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope  www.smokh.org and is also the head of the School of Medicine.

If you would like more information on his Bio-Tron III his email is panament@caribsurf.com  and his phone number is  (869)-469-9564

I have personally been to his Nevis Clinic  for training twice so far and in many other training with him in the states and he is outstanding and I plan to train with him exclusively as often as I can afford  from now on.

I wish you the very best:)


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